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Steps to Buy a Home


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Does Home Staging Help? Realtors say ‘yes.’ 


Source: HGTV

According to most Realtors surveyed for the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) 2015 Profile of Home Staging, it does.

“At a minimum, homeowners (listing their property) should conduct a thorough cleaning, haul out clutter, make sure the home is well-lit and fix any major aesthetic issues,” says NAR President Chris Polychron. But “another option is staging a home, which Realtors often suggest … to help prospective buyers better visualize themselves in the home.” Polychron says it could also modestly increase the home’s value.

NAR’s first-ever staging report found that 49 percent of surveyed Realtors who work with buyers believe staging “usually” has an effect on the buyer’s view of the home; 47 percent believe it “sometimes” has an impact; and only 4 percent said it has “no impact.”

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Want to Stage your Home to make sure it sells for top dollar? Here are 10 tips:

1. Lighting. Maximize the lighting in your home by taking down heavy dark drapes, cleaning windows, and increasing the wattage of your bulbs.

2. Storage. Buyers tend to look for storage, so you need to maximize the storage you have. Remove items from a fully packed closet and organize the remaining items, organize those cabinets. Remember less is more!

3. Pets. No matter how much a buyer loves Fido, they still do not want to see or smell the pet in a prospective home. Try to take the pets with you during an open house or showing. Check out this article to learn how to “stage your pets.”

4. Minimize Family Photos. A prospective buyer needs to envision themselves in your space, not your own family.

5. Clear countertops and surfaces. Don’t let that mail pile up that you haven’t gotten to.

6. Following #5, Keep the home clutter free. For items that need to stay out while you are not showing your home, keep a basket handy and pile everything in the basket and take it with you during showings.

7. Showcase your home. Keep dishes out of the sink, keep bathrooms and sinks clean, as well as, the beds made.

8. Sight.  Your home needs to be set up in a way that serves your selling goals, not necessarily your lifestyle. That may mean rearranging or redistributing your furniture, putting personal belongings into storage and/or painting and other redecoration. For example, you loved your red kitchen, but it needs to appeal to buyers so painting it a neutral color, such as, beige or gray will not only make it look much brighter but also appeal to more buyers.

9. Take a moment to listen to your house. Do you hear faucets dripping? Or a squeaky floor? This is the time to address those issues.

10. Taste. Arguably the most difficult sense to appeal to when selling a home, taste can be addressed by providing refreshments. Visitors might not remember which house had a vase of daisies on the counter, but they’ll remember the one that had just-brewed coffee, ice-cold bottled water or a fresh fruit tray.

Sources from the National Association of Realtors and

Forecast: 2015 Fla. economy, housing market strong

“The U.S. Census recently announced that Florida has officially become the third most populous state … about 800 people move to the state each day now. Why are they moving here? We’re a destination state again – people feel they can make a future here, and that’s good for Florida, the economy and the real estate industry.”

Over the past year, Florida’s private sector growth rate was 3.4 percent, second only to Texas among the largest states, Panuccio noted. The economic recovery has been broad-based across all industries, and job growth has been consistent across every region.

“Our labor force is growing over four times faster than the national labor force (over the past year),” he said. “Of the 10 largest states, we are the fastest-growing labor force in the country.” In November 2014, Florida’s unemployment rate was 5.8 percent.

Looking at the national economy as well as Florida’s economic future, Ted Jones said he is “bullish on what’s ahead for 2015.” Why? He pointed to several current positive factors: more jobs than anytime in the history of the U.S.; 58 percent of new jobs pay more; mortgage interest rates, while rising, remain highly affordable; significant demographic demand – think millennials; and continued strong population growth.

Jobs remain key, Jones said. “There were 2.95 million total jobs added in the U.S. over the last 12 months. To beat that growth period, you’d have to go back to 1999. We created 246,000 jobs in each month of the last 12 months. Here in Florida, we expect between 2.2 to 2.4 percent total job growth in the next year. I’m trying to tell y’all you’re setting yourself up for a great year next year.”

Jones added that a major plus for Florida’s future is that the state has the 5th best business climate in the nation, according to a recent tax comparison study conducted by the Tax Foundation

Read the entire article here.

Entire Article Sourced from, see full article link above.

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